March, April, May, September, October: KCHS Board arranged and presented five well-attended and very informative meetings on the history of the Klamath Basin.

April: Special Program by the Oregon Historical Society on William Finley, pioneer photographer of wildlife, partially sponsored by KCHS.

Linkville Cemetery Annual Clean-up: Many members volunteered their time and expertise in recruiting organizations (City Parks Department, LDS church members, ROTC members) to accomplish this yearly event, including helping provide and serve a picnic lunch.

Linkville Cemetery Signage, dedicated to Liz Budy, former President of KCHS installed and dedicated (Todd Kepple, speaker). The sign was designed and completed with funds contributed to Liz memory in 2016) Sally Bailo & Carol Mattos.

June: Annual Bus Tour: The O&C Rail Line Including visit & discussion of the Switchbacks with Ryan Bartholomew & ?

Collier Park Heritage Day Information Booth set up & manned by Sue & John Fortune, Dave Taylor & ?

July: KCHS contributed funds to buy patriotic music for the Klamath Falls Community Band to play on 4th of July.

Walking Tour of Mills Subdivision: Carol & Gloria Sullivan.

Annual KCHS Summer Picnic held at Phyllis Goebel's cabin.

September: New Grave Marker for Henry Miller to replace badly damaged original designed, fabricated and paid for by contributions from Malin, KCHS & remainder of Liz Budy funds. Carol.

October: Dedication of Henry Miller Grave Marker at Linkville Cemetery. (Ryan Bartholomew, speaker).

Night At The Cemetery. Volunteers from KCHS helped as organizers, actors, guides et cetera. Research by Carol & Gloria Sullivan.

Klamath Basin Potato Festival. Volunteers from KCHS set up & manned table at the festival; sold items for KC Museum. (Sally, Sue & John Fortune).

Halloween Tour of Linkville Cemetery. Carol led a tour for 70 5th graders from Roosevelt Elementary.

ONGOING: Distribution of a full set of ECHOES to each library in Klamath County. Gloria.

Development of Criteria for inclusion in Memorial Board of KCHS. Cindy, Gloria, & Doy Touslee.

Updating Membership, Phone and Email Lists, Doy, Carol, Sally.