October 7: Saturday. Oak woodlands walk on the Skillet Handle (Running Y) 10 am. (KCM & Native Plant Society)


October 12: “Spirit In The Rock” Book by the late Jim Compton release and review: 7 pm at the museum. (KCH /SHL)


October 14: Dedication of Henry Miller Grave Marker Cemetery. Ryan Bartholomew. 10 am (KCHS)


October 20-21: Night At The Cemetery. Annual enactment but different acts each year. Tickets available soon at the museum. $10 each. 15 minute intervals starting at 6 p.m. (KCM/KCHS)


October 20-21: Klamath Potato Festival. Merrill. . Volunteers needed to attend booth (sell & give out historical items). (KCM/KCHS)


October 28: “Infamous Crimes and Criminals of Klamath County” by Todd Kepple and Ryan Bartholomew” 7 pm at the museum. (KCHS)


November 12: Sunday, Annual KCHS Holiday Potluck. Society will provide main dishes and drinks. Members and families to bring a side dish to share and own table service. 2 pm at the Museum. Anyone who would like to help set up tables on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm is welcome to come then also. (KCHS)