On the Road with Finley and Bohlman: Klamath Falls

 April 27, 2017 

 Oregon Institute of Technology, College Union Auditorium 
 3201 Campus Drive
 Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

  Hunting Birds with a Camera: How William Finley and Herman Bohlman used photography to save Oregon's birds. The Oregon Historical Society is proud to present a retrospective on the work of early twentieth century nature photographers William L. Finley, Irene Finley, and Herman T. Bohlman. Scaling trees, fording rivers, and braving Oregon's most rugged landscapes, they went to almost any lengths to capture Oregon's birds on film. Their photographs and tireless dedication to education captivated the public and helped lead to the creation of the state's first wildlife refuges, laying the foundation for Oregon's legacy as a leader in conservation. Join us for a night of adventure and laughter as we explore the rarely seen, behind-the-scenes photographs and recapture the spirit of Finley's long beloved public programs.

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