Trumpeter Page 4 Spring 1997 to Winter 1999

KLAMATH HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRUMPETERS  (Click on the Blue Date to See that Trumpeter)


Spring 1996


Robert Whittle & Matilda Whittle, The Modoc Conflict 1873 - The Interpreters, Captain Jack's Trial 1873-1883, Epilogue 1883-1919, Matilda's Later Years, Resources

Summer 1996


Yulalona by Jim Spindor, River Blowing Dry, Explanation of Blow Dry in Link River, The Indian History of the Modoc War, Long Ago Lake Modoc, Fishing Village on Link River - Story of Winema, Peter Skene Ogden, Mart Frain early Trapper, Wendolen Nus, George Nurse's Ferry, Linville's Name, Joseph Conger

Fall 1996


William S. Moore Moore's Sawmill, Irrigation Projects on Link River, "A" Canal, Drowning in the A Canal, Regulation of Klamath Lake, Klamath Falls Light and Water Company, Riverside School, Klamath Falls Trolley, Road by Link River and Fremont Bridge, Launches on Klamath River and Lower Klamath Lake, Link River Falls, Tule Float, Iron Bridge Across Link River, Nature Trail Along Link River, Snakes and Frogs on the Link River 

Winter 1996


Tour of Clear Lake, Radar Site at Clear Lake, Dam at Lost River Canyon, Carr Ranch, Lois Ann Soule' Scott, Pot Hole Springs, California, Map of Tour, Friends of the Museum Homes Tour

Spring 1997


Sarah Amanda Welch Rightmier's Trip to Klamath Falls in 1906 at age 50, Odessa Hotel, The Winema, Maps and More Maps

Summer 1997


Bare Island, The Indian Perspective, The Settler's Perspective, Annie's Island, George Grizzle-Monument Make, Justin D. Swift, Gas Thieves and The Wild Sheep, Buck Island and Rattlesnakes, In Memory Of..., Ethnic Awareness Week

Fall 1997


KCHS Tour of Fort Rock 1997, Reub Long, Indian Tales, The Belletables,

Winter 1997


The Tulana Farms Dredge, In Memory Of..., Letter from Pat McMillan

Fall 1998


Early Day Travel to Crater Lake by Wagon in 1909 by Car in 1911, Automobile Transportation, Pictures from both Trips

Winter 1998


Experience's of an Army Nurse - Irene Currin RN - Pearl Harbor, Ft Riley - European Theater of War, Oran Algeria, The Riviera, A Bit Touring and Then Home, Pictures

Spring 1999


Mowaroc - The Lava Beds & Captain Jack, Prelude to Conflict, Pit River Indians attack on Wagon Train - Jim Crosby, Modoc Attack in October 1851 at Bloody Point - Ben Wright, Ben Wright and Strychnine?, Captain Jack at Yreka - 1858 - Klamath Steal Split Rails, Klamath Steal Steal Split Rails Again and Modocs return to their Home Area, Major Jackson tries to Return Modocs to Reservation, Endowment Fund Growth

Fall 1999


Klamath County Oregon March 1, 1900 - The Klamath Falls Express - The Express Weekly started on April 28, 1892, Description of Klamath County, Topography and Soil - Crater Lake, Other Lakes and Streams, Springs and Resorts, Falls on Link River, Natural, Agricultural and Commercial Advantages, Products, Irrigation and Reclamation, Alfalfa Culture

Winter 1999


Klamath County Part 2 - Fish and Game, Timber, Statistics, Railroad Prospects, Towns and Post Offices of the County, Price of Land, Churches, and Schools, Notable Features of Klamath County, 1999 Memorials to Endowment Fund