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Spring 2000



Native Plants used by Klamath Indians

Summer 2000



Main Street Klamath Falls in 1930s, Pelican Theater 1939, Rainbow theater Mid-forties, COPCO Building, Elks Temple, Courthouse, Baldwin Hotel, A.O.U.W. Building, The Flour Sack by Colleen Hubert

 Fall 2000



The Linkville Trolley, July 4th Parade, Linkville Trolley Should by Preserved-Herald and News -April 9, 1932, Doris Payne's Account of Trolley History, Rails Removed in 1911, Remnants of Trolley Presented to Museum in 1965, Trolley Rebuilt and at Museum 

 Winter 2000



Railroad Logging at Kirk, Kirkford, Southern Pacific Trains cause problems for Logging Trains, Map of Train route and Lumber Mills, Pictures of Kirk

 Spring 2001



 The Lava Beds Revisited-Irene Currin's Story, Lava Beds National Monument by Verland Huff, Lava Beds by Wayne and Lois Ann Scott, Lava Beds by Motorcycle by Pearl Nason, Lava Beds by Bob Elliott, Captain Jack's Stronghold and Petroglyph Point by Anne Ezell, Our Lava Beds experience by Richard and Susan Rambo, Interview with J.D. Howard by Ben Schwartz recorded by Jeanpaul Powell

 Summer 2001



Living History Day at Collier State Park, Algoma Slide, Algoma Incline Railroad, Algoma Lumber Company, Historical Society Tour of Gerber Dam-Langell and Horsefly Irrigation Project

 Winter 2001



Crater Lake Experiences, Museum Lecture Series in 2002, Fort Museum Building Burns, Klamath County's Unique Section 37, No Section 37

 Spring 2002



Klamath Echoes Available, Members stories of Crater Lake - John Fortune, Childhood Trips to the Park - Jack Bowden, Harry and Gaude Goeller story, Ole Lunde-the Bear Facts, Field Trip to Crater Lake and Pictures, The First Thrill on the Brink of Crater Lake by Judge C.B. Watson, The Legend of LLAO, A legend of Crater Lake

 Summer 2002



Did the downtown list as a National Historic District? David K. Voss City Planning Office, Arcade Hotel, Balsiger Motor Company, Elks Temple, Esquire Theater, First National Bank, Hirvi Building-Elk Hotel, IOOF Hall, Klamath County Armory, Klamath Falls City Hall, Klamath Falls City Library, Klamath Falls Post Office, Marion Apartments, Pelican Hotel, Melhase/Page/Stratton Building, Oregon Bank Building, PAC. Telephone and Technology Building, Scandinavian Hall, Smith W O Building, Valley Hospital, White Pine Apartments, Willard Hotel, Williams Building, U.S. National Bank of Oregon Building

 Winter 2002



Fort Klamath Museum is Being Rebuilt, Kevin Fields sent to "Construct and garrison the Post", Jail at Fort Klamath, Pictures of Old Fort, Do you remember this?-Deer Carcasses on display-News of the coming Presidental Election, Harry Truman-the last Candidate to Campaign from a Train, Klamath County Museum's "Winter in Klamath", Baldwin Hotel Museum's Antique Toy Show, Downtown Klamath Falls Historic District Questions 

Spring 2003



The Modoc - Southern Pacific's Backdoor to Oregon, Museum Update, The Modoc Overview, Grave of the Unknown Soldiers of the Modoc War-Bob Kennedy at the Shaw Library, Lonely Graves, Another Lonely Grave-L.A. Clark, Applegate Trail Grave, Third Shaw Library Logging Presentation

 Summer 2003



Trumpeter Editorial-Baldy Evans, "Baldy Evans Proudly Presents......", When Big Bands Played Klamath Falls, Pictures at the Armory, The Klamath Armory Through the Years, Armory Events, Memorial Dinner for Wayne and Lois Ann Scott, Memorial for Pearl Bodenhamer Nason held at the Klamath County Museum 

 Fall 2003



A Reason to Celebrate, Fort Klamath Time Line, Old Fort Klamath, The New Hospital-Sunday Inspection, The Modoc War, Rebuilt Guardhouse at Fort Klamath, Grand Opening of Fort Klamath Museum

 Winter 2003



The Museum-Carrol B. Howe, Museum Events, 50th Anniversary Exhibits and Events, A library is Sold and a Museum is Born, Veterans Memorial Building, Edith McLeod, Combination Library and Museum, Carrol B. Howe

 Summer 2004



50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Klamath County Museum, Schedule of 50th Anniversary Events, The Building of the Klamath Armory, The Mystery of the Missing Charter, Klamath County Museum Memorials 2003, Quilting Faire and Show, In the Modoc Gallery

 Fall 2004



A Fresh Look at the Museum, This is Not Your Father's Oldsmobile, Home on the Range, Caboose #702, Klamath Basin's Contributions to WW II, The Ancient Mazama Tree, 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Museum, Spaghetti Fund Raiser, Concert at the Baldwin

 MidWinter 2005



One hundred Years Ago in the Klamath Country, Klamath Falls Fire Department Centennial, Proposed New Charter for Growing Town, Centennial of the Klamath County Library, Chamber of Commerce Centennial, Steamboats, Coming Attractions at the Museum, Valentine Dinner

 Spring 2005



Klamath County Library-Anne du Pont, KCHS News, A Short History of the Public Libraries in Klamath County-Anne du Pont, Klamath County Historic Watercraft, Quilt Raffle, Spring Events, and Exhibits

 Summer 2005



One Hundred Years Ago, Early Transportation in Klamath County-The Waterways-John Fortune, The Winema at Odessa Creek Landing, Moving the Klamath to Upper Klamath Lake, Laird's Landing, 2005 Tour of Lower Lake Country, Van Brimmer Cabin, The Modoc Gallery, Barbara Krauss Quilt Show

 Fall 2005



Salute to Firemen and Firewomen in Klamath Falls-Klamath County Fire District 1 Mission Statement, Hose Carts, One Hundred Years Fighting Fires in Klamath Falls, Burning of the White Pelican Hotel- October 26, 1926, More Fires, Engine No. 3, Klamath Falls Fire Stations in the 21st Century

 Winter 2005



Collier State Park, Collier Park, An Important Note from Denny Teater, News From the Museum -  Todd Kepple, A Farewell to Our Former Museum Manager - Judith Hassen