Trumpeter Page 6 Spring 2006 to Winter 2009

KLAMATH HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRUMPETERS  (Click on the Blue Date to See that Trumpeter)




Spring 2006


Camp Tulelake, Some CCC camps in and around the Klamath Basin, CCC camp Tulelake, Early in 1943 the camp changed, Japanese Gone by 1944 and Italian and German POWs were there, Educational-Recreational Program at South-end CCC camps proves Successful, The Logistics, A Treasure Found

Summer 2006


Ode to a Wooden Box, KCHS News, The Wooden Box Campaign, Historic Ads for Wooden Boxes, Thoughts on "Winema" by Todd Kepple

Fall 2006


Bull of the Woods-William (Bill) Dyche, KCHS News, Bill Dyche, A Note from the Klamath County Museum by Todd Kepple, Tours and Rummage Sale, Support the Museum

Winter 2006


Early Highways and Byways-The Automobile in Klamath County-First Car in Klamath Falls 1906, Maps of Roads, The Dalles-California Highway, Topsy Grade, The Greensprings Mountain Road, Oregon's Heritage Tree by Todd Kepple, Support the Museum

Summer 2007


Oregon and California Railroad (Southern Pacific), Land Grant Checker Board, Nothing Like it in the World-A Land Grant Primer, Malin Centennial Approaching by Todd Kepple, Klamath Echoes in Museum Gift Shop, KCHS News, From the President-John Fortune

Fall 2007


When the Circus Come to Klamath Falls, Worlds Largest Circus Comes for Showing Saturday, Barnum & Bailey, Bring in the Clowns, The Circus Parade Still Absent, Early Roads, Streets, and Highways by Todd Kepple, South Sixth St. Upcoming Museum Events, KCHS News

Winter 2007


Merry Christmas, Post Cards from the Past, Music thru the Decades, Wanted "Old Tools", KCHS Constitution and By-Laws 2007, KCHS Standing Rules, Jervie Henry Eastman, The Future of History by Todd Kepple, Picture Postcards, Wreck Chasers, Grand Hotels, Those Wonderful Old Picture Postcards

Spring 2008


The Grave of the Unknowns - The Modoc War, KCHS News, American Legion Fire Salute, WW I and the Klamath Basin

Summer 2008


John Charles Fremont, KCHS News, Fremont in Southern Oregon, County Museum System at a Crossroad by Todd Kepple, the KCHS Officers and Trumpeter Staff

Fall 2008


The State of Jefferson, KCHS News, Gilbert Gable and the State of Jefferson, Notes from the Klamath County Museum, New Members in 2008 and In Memoriam

Winter 2008


A Word from the Editor-Jack Bowden Retires from the Trumpeter, Siskiyou Runaway by Jack Bowden, Welcome to a New Year with the Klamath County Historical Society, KCHS News, How Fast Our History Fades, Millions of Salmon, Population Increase-Evening Herald 1908

MidWinter 2009


Forest for Everyone: Klamath's Living Legacy by Todd Kepple (Forestry Display at the Museum and special donations)

Spring 2009


The Role of Water Craft in Early Transportation and Industry in Klamath County, In Memoriam for Dr William Bechen, KCHS News

Summer 2009


The Delphian Society by Lee Beach, Some Local History of the Delphian, Other Klamath Women also Belong, Annual KCHS Bus Tour and Summer Picnic

Fall 2009


Vignettes in Klamath County Education - A Schoolhouse Near You by Valerie Lane, Before Civil Rights, Education Lobby, Teacher Compensation - Deferred Maintenance, Arts Education, Upcoming Events, KCHS News

Winter 2009


Langell Valley Cemeteries by Todd Kepple, Malin History 100 Years, KCHS News