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 Spring Trumpeter 2020



 March-Women's History Month, Yes 919! No 688! by Diane Shockey, Phyllis Goebel Bio, Mary Nobel Bio, Help Wanted, Sue Fortune Bio, 50th Anniversary of Museum in Armory, How is all Started (Historical Society) Northern County-Cresent Lake & Chemult, KCHS Page


 Summer Trumpeter 2020



 COVID-19 News, Ron Loveness Tours, Peter Burnett by Ron Loveness, Northern County featureing Odelle Lake and Willamett Pass Ski Resort by Bill Lewis, First 4th of July Celebration in Klamath Falls - Echoes, KCHS Page

 Fall Trumpeter 2020



 Dues for the Pandemic, Book Reviews by Mary Nobel, Tolley Pilot Recalls the Past, The Linkville Trolley by Bill Lewis, The Replica of the Linkville Trolley, Wild Horses and the Five Mile Chute by Dave Meeker

 Winter Trumpter 2020



 Front Page, The Museum Trolley is brought back to life by Bill Lewis, Early Days in Klamath Country by Ron Loveness, Book Reviews by Mary Nobel

 Spring Trumpeter 2021



 Women's History Month, Front Page, Help Wanted by Bill Lewis, Irene Seely by Mary Nobel, Mamie Giacomini by Mary Nobel, Early School Teachers by Ron Loveness, Mrs Paul Bunyan by Ron Loveness, KCHS Page

 Summer Trumpeter 2021



 A Brief History of the Klamath County Historical Society

by Bill Lewis

 Fall Trumpeter 2021



 Bonanza Cemetery - Herald and News Article,, Klamath County Museum by Marle Jandreau, , Baldwin Hotel by Mary Nobel,, Fort Klamath by Bill Lewis, Book Reviews by Mary Nobel, Klamath Echoes, KCHS Page

 Winter Trumpeter 2021



 End of the year report. Election 2021, Family Christmas Dinner by Bea Naylor, Christmas Remembrances by Mary Nobel, Winter Kayaking in the Klamath Basin by Marle Jandreau, Book Review - Solid Ivory by Mary Nobel, Christmas Story with a Surprise Beginning by Ron Loveness, KCHS Page.