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 November 1985



 Teeter's Landing, Growing up in pre-motor Days, Bio- Patsy McMillan-Museum Director, Klamath Historical Society, Around the Klamath County Museum

 January 1986



 Sacred Heart from the Beginning, Thumbnail sketch/Steve Hess, Ski Meeting 1936-Klamath News 2/25/1936, Shaw Library, Airport Display, Jade Exhibit

 Spring 1986



Happy Birthday Oregon, Beaver Money, The Old Highway 97 North, An Oregon First, Thumbnail Sketch:Joann Lundeen, Interesting bits from Old Newspapers

 Summer 1986



 Fort Klamath from Buena Cobb Stone's book, The Kesters, Memories of Fort Klamath, The Algoma Incline, From the Klamath Record ... June 2, 1921, Settling the Oregon Territory, Baldwin 75th Birthday Party 

Fall 1986



 Barnes Valley Tour Report, Klamath Historical Societ Tour to Barnes Valley, Bio: Nedra Putman, Report of Native American Week, Coley Ball from Klamath Echoes #6 by Elizabeth Loosley, Indian Myth:Coyote outwits the Beaver Women & Supplies the People with Salmon, History of Pacific Northwest-Oregon and Washington

 Winter 1986



 A brief Recall, Petrick Marker Dedication, Historical Marker Dedication at Yanaix, Tales of Dibbon Cook, Bio: Virgil "Red" Smith, Odds and Ends

 Spring 1987



 The "Commodore" of Buena Vista Heights: Interviews with Jack Linman, Clarence Bell, John McAndrews, Klamath Republican.Klamath County..October 19, 1905, from the collection of Devere and Helen Helfrich, Local News Briefs and Tips on storing antiques 

 Summer 1987



 Setting Historical Markers on the Topsey..May 16, 1987, Marker Dedication at Chase Station...June 17, 1987, Dedication of Baldwin Marker, Laird's Landing, Tour of Lower Klamath Lake, Lower Klamath Lake from Klamath Echoes#9 1971, page 82 

 Fall 1987



 Field Trip to Lower Klamath Lake, No White Man here etc..Evening Herald July 13, 1916, Bio: Susan Leding, One Little School and How it Grew

 Winter 1987



 Marker Dedication at "Little Meadows", Home for Christmas..Hamaker...From Klamath Echoes, Introducing Kathleen Wood, Eulogy for Chester Beers, Klamath Republican-December 6, 1906: Klamath Falls, Merrill, Bonanza, Bly, & Keno, Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed