Trumpeter Page 2 Spring 1988 to Winter 1990

KLAMATH HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRUMPETERS (Click on the Blue Date to See that Trumpeter)


Spring 1988


Memories of My Father by Mary Wright McCulley, Helfrich Collection, Deep Snows of yesteryear...Herald and News: March 20, 1948, Frozen Upper Klamath Lake makes Highway for car traffic, 1949, Five Babies Born Here on odd calendar day..February 29..Herald and News March 1, 1948, Times change but yet some things remain the same (jails), Correction on information from Laird's Landing

Summer 1988


Historical Society Tour of Swan Lake, In Search of Markers on the Applegate Trail, Dedication of the Plaque at Bly CCC camp, Bio: Pamela (Pam) Smith, A Mobile Home 1917-1918 style, Trip to the Lava Beds...Modoc War Symposium March 29, 1988

Fall 1988


The story of the Drew Family Cattle Business & Cattle Drives as told by Charles E. Drew...Letter written to Mrs. Annabelle Newton 1965, Many Forts and Camps, Maps of Early County Boundaries of Oregon, Crater Lake 72nd Anniversary Celebration...August 25, 1988

Winter 1988


Ralph W. Smith, founder of the Klamath Brick & Tile Company Interview-1965 by Scott Warren, Additional information from Wendell Smith-1988, Museum Endowment Fund, Klamath County Historical Society Memorial Plaque for Museum Endowment Fund, Retirement Comments by retiring President Paul Fitzhugh

Spring 1989


As written to me by Mrs. Paul Robertson...May 1968...recorded by Devere Helfrich & published in the Klamath Echoes, Sweet 16 and already a pioneer wife of Klamath County...1868 from the Klamath Echoes...written for the Trumpeter by Janis Kafton. The First White Marriage in Klamath County..from the Klamath Echoes #4 pages 31-32, Tib bits from the Evening Herald & Klamath News

Summer 1989


Applegate Memories, Applegates who taught in the early county schools of Klamath County, Bio: Susan Paddock Eberlein and Sharon Williams Witwer

Fall 1989


Tribute to Helen Helfrich by Members of the Historical Society

Winter 1989


William Thomas Shive..Written by his daughter, Roxanne Shive Ambrose

Spring 1990


Early Fires and Volunteer Firemen, Clippings from the Herald and News..Fires of the Past

Summer 1990


White Star Inn, Pinehurst, Lincoln of the Greensprings taken from the book by Anne E. Foley

Fall 1990


East side-West side all around Klamath Lake in two tours 1989-1990

Winter 1990


East side Klamath Lake in 1989-part 2