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Klamath Echoes is a series of books written by a group of talented and dedicated volunteers of the Klamath County Historical Society to publish and preserve the history of the Klamath Basin, Southern Oregon and Northern California. The series started in 1964 and was published annually until 1978. There are 16 volumes of Klamath Echoes.  The series of the Klamath Echoes is now online for your reading and research pleasure.

  • The bound copies of the Echoes are available in the Klamath County Museum gift shop for $10 each.
  • A bundle of all 16 issues is available for $100 at the Museum. 
  • Also available at the bookstore is Guardhouse, Gallows and Graves written by Van Landrum for $20.

Mailing copies of each issue of the Klamath Echoes is $13 to cover postage. Van Landrum's book would be $23 to be shipped.

The books were also intended to be a source of revenue for the Klamath County Historical Society. If you would like to make a donation to help the Historical Society to continue the work of making history available to all people, you can mail your donation to: Klamath County Historical Society or simply KCHS at 1451 Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. 

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